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As an adult educator, I try to deliver the best instruction to my students that I can offer. My agency provides basic remedial instruction and high school equivalency instruction for 17-24 wishing to go into the workforce. It excites me every day to contribute my small part in educating the youth population.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Elevator Speech

I want to talk a little about training and what I learned this week. Training for me from an educator’s perspective has been enlightening.  As I’ve Studied for a while adult education and learning, the dots are finally connecting as to how it all relates to training and development. Training trends for adult learners as I gathered in this week’s resources, has evolved. Professionals who have to chosen to increase their knowledge in their chosen careers are choosing to seek their own professional development so to speak. Talking from personal experience, this is what I’ve done. I know that my agency is limited to who receives training and what they’re willing to pay for and how will it be an asset to our agency, so I’ve sought to take classes on my own that will help me become more diverse in teaching my learners. And of course, the expense is on me. I can bring adult learning concepts to learners that will be able to reach every learner and not just inclusive to a few.  Another thing that is important is that more and more people are willing to learn, but it has to be at their convenience.  I want to design curriculums that are convenient and are willing to be flexible in their learning environment.  So, this is the first week, and I’m very intrigued about learning more about training and development that will allow me to better serve my learners.

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  1. Hi Aneatra,

    You presented a very important point in your elevator speech; employees are looking for ways to increase their knowledge and skill levels. According to Bradley (2010) and Noe (2013), employees no longer rely on employer education to improve skill levels. Due to technological advancements and data sharing, trainers can now provide individualized access to relevant learner centered instructional experiences via cell phone, internet, TV. You did a great job using your own experiences to highlight this new trend by stipulating how your organization limits training allocation. They fail to see the importance of training programs in this employers market (Bradley, 2010). However, the employer market will change (Bradley, 2010; Noe, 2013) as employees become more competent and efficient at higher level skills due to personal training. Again, you summed this concept up beautifully.



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